Product Reviews Add-on Module

This feature is part of the Product Reviews add-on module, which can be purchased in addition to the Plus, Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

This add-on module allows you to get a better understanding of which of your products shine, display product reviews on your website, and compare product performance. Here’s a breakdown of the features that come with the Product Reviews Add-on Module.

Get the most out of your product reviews

Product reviews give your customers the opportunity to review specific products they’ve purchased from your business. Customers can rate a product overall, or individual product attributes. You can learn more here.

In order to start getting product reviews, you’ll need to set up a product catalog. This is a list of all your business’s products that collect reviews, and includes details like your product names and prices. Your product catalog can enrich your ads on Google with star ratings, which can help to increase sales and build trust. Get started here.

You’ll also be able to manage your product attributes. These are the various characteristics of a product that can be rated individually by your customers. Product attributes could be, for example: quality, design, and value for money. You can also categorize products and assign specific attributes to specific categories.

Set up Product Review TrustBox widgets

Installing a product review widget on your website allows you to showcase your reviews and keep your content fresh. Customers will see product-specific reviews and star ratings. It also makes you eligible to receive rich snippet stars, which can help your products stand out in search results and drive more organic traffic. Learn more and read how to set them up in this article.

Please note that product review TrustBox widgets should go on the relevant product's page, not the homepage, landing page, or the page of another product.

Manage Product Review photos

You have the option of allowing customers to upload a photo of your products when they leave a Product Review. Seeing content from real customers increases your credibility and reinforces trust in your business. Take advantage of this user-generated content by showcasing them on your website using a Product Review widget, to provide customers with an enhanced shopping experience. Find out more here.

Review snippets and SEO

Including your Trustpilot product reviews can increase the effectiveness of your advertising strategy, by highlighting your good reputation. You can mark up your Trustpilot product reviews with review snippets on your website to help your products stand out in the organic search and ad campaigns. Find out more in this article.

Import third party reviews

No need to start from zero. If your business has collected product reviews using another review platform, you can import and integrate them into Trustpilot, and consolidate all your reviews in one place. Learn more here.


To get this module, sign up here or get in touch with your Trustpilot Business account manager.  


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