Insights Add-on Module

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Take advantage of our AI, to deep-dive into customer feedback and gather insights into specific topics of interest. This module makes it easy to create better experiences with data, giving you actionable insights to become a top-reviewed business. Here’s a breakdown of the features that come with the Insights Add-on Module.

This Add-on module is only available for English speaking markets.

Access Review Insights

Review Insights provides you with dashboards that let you analyze your reviews, locate trends, and monitor your customers’ experiences, in order to pinpoint issues across sentiments, topics, and star ratings. This feature uses machine learning technology to automatically detect topics in your reviews, then provide detailed heatmaps with the development of the sentiments of those topic mentions. Check out this article to learn more.

Create custom topics

By default, Review Insights gives you a list of preselected topics, such as ‘Customer service’ or ‘Website’. But you can also define and track your own custom topics to tailor insights specifically to your company or industry. Learn how to do it here.

Generate trend reports

You’ll be able to create a monthly Review Insights report, which gives you statistics and insights based on an automated analysis of the reviews you received during the selected month. You can also create a custom report, which could cover a specific selection of topics of your own choosing, which you can then send to others working for your business. You can read more about the process here.


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