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Our native integrations make collecting and showcasing reviews easy and automated. Here’s a breakdown of the integrations that come with the Integrate Add-on Module.

In addition to our extensive list of eCommerce integrations, we also have several integrations that are available only with our Integrate Add-on Module.


Trustpilot’s Zendesk integration allows you to streamline your business’s customer service. You can manage all your Service Reviews from Zendesk without logging into Trustpilot or changing your workflow. Each time a new Trustpilot review is posted, a ticket will be created on Zendesk. You can then reply directly within the ticket, and the response will be published on the review in Trustpilot. You can also automate tasks by creating new triggers or macros. Check out this article to learn more.


Our Slack integration makes it easy to keep track of and reply to your Trustpilot reviews. You can receive, sort, and reply to all your reviews from Slack without logging into Trustpilot or changing your workflow. This article shows you how to set it up.


Trustpilot’s Segment integration allows you to automate your review collection for service by creating Segment events. You can instantly send customer data to Trustpilot from your website, server, and mobile sources to automatically trigger an invitation. Learn more about it here.


Showcase reviews more easily in your social media marketing strategy by integrating your Trustpilot reviews with Hootsuite. You can use the integration to monitor your customers’ feedback and quickly reply to reviews directly within Hootsuite. Have a look at this article for more inform


With the Integrate Add-on Module, you can take advantage of webhooks to get instant notifications about events such as new reviews, deleted reviews, or revised reviews. You can use them to create a dashboard showcasing your reviews in real-time or use them to automate your incoming support tickets, so you get a new ticket for each new review. Learn more about how you can use them in this article.


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