Trustpilot's Segment integration

This feature is included in the Free, Plus, Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

Our Segment integration allows you to automate your review collection for service reviews with Segment events. Here's how it works. 

Please note that you can only collect service reviews with the Segment integration.

Get Started

  1. In Trustpilot Business, go to Integrations > DevelopersSegment. Copy the Integrations Key.
  2. Log in to your Segment account, search for “Trustpilot” within the Destinations Catalog and confirm the source you’d like to connect to.
  3. Paste the Integrations Key into Segment in the API Key field.

Configure the Segment Track event

To finish automating your review invitations with Segment, you must use the Order Completed event from Segment Track method. For more information, find out more about what the Track method does.

An example call would look like:

analytics.track('Order Completed', {
  checkout_id: 'fksdjfsdjfisjf9sdfjsd9f',
  order_id: '50314b8e9bcf000000000000',
  email: ‘’,
  name: ‘John’,
  surname: ‘Johnson’,
  affiliation: 'Google Store',
  total: 27.50,
  revenue: 25.00,
  shipping: 3,
  tax: 2,
  discount: 2.5,
  coupon: 'hasbros',
  currency: 'USD',
  products: [
  product_id: '507f1f77bcf86cd799439011',
  sku: '45790-32',
  name: 'Monopoly: 3rd Edition',
  price: 19,
  quantity: 1,
  category: 'Games',
  url: '',
  image_url: 'https:///'
  product_id: '505bd76785ebb509fc183733',
  sku: '46493-32',
  name: 'Uno Card Game',
  price: 3,
  quantity: 2,
  category: 'Games'

Trustpilot only accepts Order Completed events. These Track calls are sent to Trustpilot as a track event and will trigger a review invitation.

Important: Both order_id and email are required fields.


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