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If you can't find the answers you're looking for in our articles, you can get in touch with us directly. 

We’re made up of several teams, so browse the questions below to find out who you should contact, based on what you need help with.

I’m having technical issues and need help with the Trustpilot platform. Who can give me advice?

We have a team of Support agents ready to help with troubleshooting specific issues related to our platform and products. Check out this article to read more about what services are available.

I would like some help with my Trustpilot Business account details. Who should I talk to?

If you’re on one of our paid plans, you have a dedicated Account Manager that’s in charge of taking care of your account. You can learn how to get in touch with them here.

How do I pay for Trustpilot or edit my payment details?

This article goes into detail about how to pay for your account. If the answer you’re looking for isn’t there, then you can reach out to our accounts department by sending an email to

I have a question about Trustpilot privacy and security practices. Who can I get in touch with?

We use a combination of security best practices to ensure Trustpilot is safe and protect your data. You can read more about our policies in this article. For any other privacy related questions, you can get in touch here.

I need help with flagging reviews. Who can I reach out to?

We have lots of resources on our Help Center to guide you through how to flag reviews that go against our guidelines, along with explanations of what happens during the process. However, if you need additional help, we recommend you reach out to our Content Integrity team. Just fill out this form, and they’ll take it from there. 

How can I report a business for fraudulent activity on Trustpilot?

Because we believe in the power of the community, we’ve created a whistleblower function that lets people notify us about any problems. You can read about this function in this article, and begin the reporting process here.

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