Trustpilot and Google's store ratings - FAQ

You can use your Trustpilot reviews to qualify for Google store ratings and boost your ad campaigns. Here’s a list of the most commonly asked questions about how it works.

Take a look at how Trustpilot and Google store ratings work together in this article.

What are Google store ratings and where do they come from?

Store ratings are an automated Google Ads extension that showcase businesses with high ratings. They show up in Google Ads as star ratings, that have been aggregated from review sites all around the web. Google store ratings are based on feeds from sites like Trustpilot and Google review services.

How long does it usually take for reviews to appear in Google store rating Extensions?

Trustpilot reviews are typically included 2-6 weeks after you meet Google’s requirements to have store ratings. However, this is completely at Google’s discretion, and we can't control how quickly they start appearing.

Once I’ve met Google’s requirements, how do I get store ratings?

Once you’ve met the requirements, store ratings will come automatically. You should refer to Google’s documentation regarding the correct setup and management of Google Ads.

Is my TrustScore the same as a store rating?

A business’s store rating on Google is calculated based on ratings from several sources and aggregated on a scale of 1-5, so your seller rating will not be a direct match to your business’s TrustScore.

Can my Trustpilot reviews be displayed in Google store rating extensions?

Yes. Trustpilot has a licensing agreement with Google, which means that Trustpilot reviews may appear if you qualify. It is entirely up to Google to decide what reviews are shown, so Trustpilot can’t influence or guarantee, if, when, or how your reviews will be displayed.

Which country domains are currently covered by Google store rating extensions?

Google store ratings are an automated extension on Google Search Network campaigns and are available in all countries.

How can a business stop their store ratings from appearing?

You can opt-out/opt-in from Automated Extensions directly within Google Ads. Read more about how to do this here.

What if store ratings aren't showing up?

You should contact Google directly. We monitor the feed that we send to Google on a daily basis, so there shouldn’t be any problems on our end.

Can Google store ratings also be displayed for subdomains, if the Trustpilot profile is on a primary domain?

Yes, this is possible. However, setup requirements are different for each business. You can contact our Support Team for help.

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