Trustpilot Business account - FAQ

Taking control of your Trustpilot business profile unlocks tools and insights that can grow your business. Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Trustpilot Business here.

How do I sign up for Trustpilot Business?

If you want to get started with Trustpilot Business, take a look at our Business page to learn about all the features and plans available. Signing up is simple and you can do it here.

How do I upgrade my Trustpilot Business account plan?

If you're currently on a free plan, you can request a demo to learn more. If you’re on a paid plan, get in touch with your account manager and they’ll take it from there.

Can I downgrade my Trustpilot Business account plan?

If you decide to downgrade your plan, reach out to your account manager, and they’ll help you make the appropriate changes.

Can I change my login credentials for my Trustpilot Business account?

Sure! Check out this article, where we explain how to change or reset your password. If you need to change the email address associated with your account, have a look here.

How do I delete my Trustpilot Business account?

If you no longer want to be part of Trustpilot Business, take a look at this article to learn how to delete your account and what it means for your business's profile page. We’re sorry to see you go!

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