Trustpilot’s review labels

Curious about the label displayed on a review? Learn the meaning behind our review labels in this article.


A review that’s marked “Invited” indicates that the business invited the reviewer to write it by sharing a link leading directly to their review form. This invitation can be sent through one of our manual invitation methods or sent outside of Trustpilot systems. The review was then written and posted through this link.


A review that’s marked “Redirected” indicates that the business shared a business domain link on their website leading to their business profile page on Trustpilot. The review was then written and posted through this link.

Note: Links from TrustBoxes will not be labelled as "Redirected".


A review can be marked "Verified" for two reasons. The first indicates that the business has invited the reviewer to write the review through one of our automatic invitation methods. The second indicates that the review was flagged, and our Content Integrity Team has verified valid documentation that the reviewer has had a genuine experience with the business.

You can read more about our Content Integrity Team’s verified reviews here.

No label

A review that’s not labelled is an organic review. This indicates that a reviewer logged into Trustpilot on their own initiative to write a review about their experience with a business. The reviewer was not invited by the business.

Label key

The key below shows which review collection method corresponds to each label, and whether or not reviews collected this way count towards Google Seller Ratings.

Review collection method

Review label

Counts towards Google Seller Ratings?

Organic No label No
Business domain links “Redirected” No

Manual invitations

  • Upload a file with customer data
  • Copy-paste customer data from a document
  • Enter customer data manually
  • Basic Invitations

Methods outside of Trustpilot's systems

  • Business Generated Links
  • Unique Links
  • Invitation Link API


No for Basic Invitations

Automatic invitations

  • Automatic Feedback Service (AFS)
  • Trustpilot’s JavaScript integration
  • Trustpilot’s ecommerce integrations
  • API Invitations
  • Embedded Review Form
“Verified” Yes
Reviews verified by Content Integrity “Verified” Dependent upon the review collection method used