Introduction to Trustpilot’s automatic invitation methods

We offer several methods for sending invitations to customers. Here’s a breakdown of the ways you can automatically invite them to leave a review.

Note: Some automatic invitation methods are only available to certain paying Trustpilot subscribers.

Trustpilot’s automatic invitation methods help you to automate sending review invitations. They offer more settings and a higher level of control.

Automatic Feedback Service (AFS)

Trustpilot’s Automatic Feedback Service (AFS) is the simplest way to control your invitations. AFS automatically sends review invitations via email after a customer purchases something or has a service experience with your business. AFS can be set up to invite your customers to write service review, a product review, or both at once.

Trustpilot’s ecommerce integrations

Our ecommerce integrations connect your Trustpilot Business account to your business’s eCommerce platform to send out review invitations. They communicate directly with your platform and automatically send invitations with each order. You can invite your customers to write a service review, a product review, or both at once.

Trustpilot’s APIs

For a high level of control over how you create invitations, use Trustpilot’s APIs. Our API documentation provides developers with guidance on how to integrate any of our APIs with your solution. For example, you can use our Product or Service Reviews API to generate an invitation link to email to a customer.


When a customer leaves a review after receiving an invitation sent by an automatic method, the review will be labelled as “Verified” on Trustpilot.

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