Why are some business profiles and reviews marked “Merged”?

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When a business profile or review on Trustpilot is marked "Merged", it means that the business previously had several profiles on Trustpilot, and merged them into one.

Businesses that have multiple profiles (also known as domains) on Trustpilot can request to merge them into one. Once profiles are merged, reviews from each separate profile are combined and appear under one main profile on Trustpilot. All other profiles included in the merge, other than the main profile, are no longer available.

The TrustScore of the business's main profile is recalculated based on the reviews that have been merged into it.

Merging makes it easier for you to find, evaluate, and review a business - and easier for businesses to manage their reviews from one central place.

Business profiles marked “Merged”

A business profile that’s marked “Merged” indicates that some of its reviews were originally shown on another profile, but were consolidated into the main profile you’re looking at.

A business profile that's been merged will look like this: 

Merged on desktop


Reviews marked “Merged”

An individual review that’s marked "Merged" indicates that it was previously shown on another profile, but was consolidated into the main profile you are looking at. If you hover over the “Merged” icon, you can view the profile where the review came from.

A review that has been merged into a main profile looks like this: 

Merged review


When can a business merge its profiles?

A business may request a merge for one of these reasons:

Reason Description
Identical domains

For example:

  • If a business has several domains that have identical content - or the same content in different languages (usually because the business operates in different locations).
  • If a business has several domains that all redirect traffic to one main domain.
  • If a business has several domains that do not have entirely the same content, but we think that they are equivalent or substantially similar to each other, and that there is a consumer benefit to merging those profiles.

For example:

  • If a business has changed its name or brand.
Business merger or change in ownership

For example:

  • If a business has bought or taken-over one or more other businesses, and we think there is a consumer benefit in merging their profiles.

Learn more about a business’s merge

If you’re visiting a business’s “Merged” main profile, you can read more about the merge on their Company activity page

To find the page, head to their profile page and click See all in the Company activity module. 

The page includes a full overview of merge activity from the past 12 months, including information about when and why a profile was merged, which profiles were involved, and the previous TrustScores and number of reviews.


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