Trustpilot Consumer Warnings and Alerts

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We take the integrity of our platform very seriously. That’s why we post Consumer Warnings and Alerts to let you know when a business misuses our platform, and other important information.

What are Consumer Warnings and Alerts?

Consumer Warnings

If a business misuses Trustpilot, we can place a Consumer Warning on their profile page to inform consumers about the specific misbehavior. For example, the warning might explain that a business has been breaching our guidelines by fabricating reviews or asking people for reviews in a biased way.

Consumer Warning banners are placed at the top of the business’s profile page. The description can be collapsed, but not the heading:

Warning! We've detected misuse on this page

We keep Consumer Warnings in place for a fixed time, and review them to see if the business is still misusing our platform. We don’t remove Consumer Warnings until all misbehavior has stopped, and a reasonable amount of time has passed.

Consumer Alerts

Consumer Alerts are used when there hasn’t necessarily been misuse of our platform, but we believe there is information users should know. It could be that a business has been subject to significant media attention, is being investigated by a regulator, or is part of a high-risk industry.

We add Consumer Alert banners to the top of the business's profile page. The description can be collapsed, but not the heading:


We keep Consumer Alerts in place for a certain amount of time, depending on the circumstances of the alert.

Consumer Alerts for companies facing regulatory scrutiny

We have a Consumer Alert specifically for businesses that are under the attention of a regulatory body. We add this alert when our automated systems detect a new investigation or warning issued by a regulatory authority, or when we're otherwise made aware of a company facing regulatory scrutiny. These alerts stay online for 12 months or until the regulatory body removes its own notification about the company.

Other action we take

Read more about the kinds of misuse and misbehavior we encounter, the action we take to prevent it, and the consequences for anyone who breaches our guidelines in our Action We Take policy.

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