Introduction to your company profile page

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Your company profile page introduces and displays your business on the Trustpilot website. Learn more about it here.

What’s a company profile page?

Your company profile page is where we display all reviews and other relevant information about your business on Trustpilot. Users can read and write reviews about your business here.

Does every company have one?

If someone has written a review about your business on Trustpilot, you've got a company profile page. Simple as that. You may not have claimed the profile as yours, but it’s visible on Trustpilot regardless.

What’s shown on my company profile page?

If unclaimed, your profile automatically displays all reviews about your business, as well as some of the details below. Once claimed, you can add even more information to customize it as your own.

  • Status label: We show how your business uses Trustpilot by displaying one of three status labels on the profile page: Unclaimed, Claimed, or Asking for reviews.
  • Contact Information: We include a link to your website. You can add more details about how to get in touch with you once you’ve claimed your profile.
  • TrustScore & star rating: We show your TrustScore: a measurement of reviewer satisfaction based on service reviews you collect on Trustpilot. Your star rating is your TrustScore visualized.
  • People who looked at this company also looked at: In this widget, we display the top three other companies that users also viewed. User browsing behavior is the only factor that determines which companies are displayed. Trustpilot star ratings, company status, preferences, or categories have no influence.

Note: This widget can’t be removed. It’s not intended for promotion or advertisement. Instead, it increases your chances of being discovered by the right customer who wants to make a purchase and boosts traffic and SEO on your company profile via other profiles.

  • Reviews: We show reviews that customers have written about your business. Here, you can filter and sort them by both language and rating.
  • Locations: Once claimed, you can set up individual business locations to display on your company profile page. We show a widget listing all the business locations you’ve set up. Anyone who visits your main company profile page can choose to leave a review for your business as a whole, or click on a specific branch to leave a Location Review.
  • Promotion Box: If you claim your profile, you can add and customize a Promotion Box to show any promotional details you’d like to share on Trustpilot.
  • Guarantee Box: If you claim your profile, you can also add a Guarantee Box, where you can display any guarantees you offer to customers.
  • Facebook Like Box: If you claim your profile, we show The Facebook Like Box, giving reviewers a direct link to your business's Facebook page.

Claim your company profile

By claiming your company profile, you can engage with reviewers and access all the features we offer to use your company narrative - positive and negative - to your advantage. Find out how to claim yours here.