Collect reviews on business premises

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It’s possible to collect reviews in-store if you get permission from our Content Integrity Team.

Asking customers to review your business while they’re visiting a physical store or branch can be a good way to clock up reviews. But we’ll need to approve your set-up before you get started.

Some rules:

Ask for reviews in a fair, neutral, and unbiased way

As per our Guidelines for Businesses, we ask that you always follow our best practices for review invitations, including:

  • Everyone should be given the chance to write a review, not just happy customers.
  • Don’t try to persuade people to write a positive review.
  • Don't offer consumers an incentive of any kind. This includes promotional discounts, monetary rewards, loyalty points, gifts, coupons, etc.

Don’t collect reviews on business devices

Our software for detecting fabricated reviews will detect and remove reviews that originate from the same IP address. That’s why you can’t ask customers to use your business's electronic devices (for example, a tablet or computer) to review you. Reviewers need to use their own device.

Apply for permission

We can grant permission for your business to collect reviews on its own premises if you contact us and:

  • Tell us how the review collection will take place.
  • Tell us the business's locations and IP addresses.
  • Guarantee that the business will respect Trustpilot’s Guidelines for Businesses, including the section “Asking for reviews”.

Note that we reserve the right to reject requests or withdraw permission at any time.

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