Merge two or more company profiles - FAQ

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If you have several company profiles on Trustpilot and you want to combine them into one centralized profile, you should consider a merge. Here’s a list of commonly asked questions about the process.

Am I eligible to merge my accounts?

There are several scenarios where you can be eligible for a merge request. Check out this chart and see if your situation matches any of the requirements for merging.

What is the merge process?

It’s very important that you claim all domains you’d like to merge and enable permissions for each of them. Once that’s done, make sure to read all about the merge process in this article. Once you’re familiar with the process, you can reach out to our Support team and they’ll take it from there.

What proof of ownership should I include?

Attaching the correct proof of ownership is vital to a successful merge request. In order to be eligible for a merge, we need a current invoice or receipt from your domain host to show that you own the relevant domains. You’ll have to send us invoices/receipts for EVERY domain that you want to be included in the merge.

Can I send a screenshot as proof of ownership?

No. Unfortunately, screenshots of control panels are not sufficient proof of ownership, and we can’t accept them.

What happens to my reviews after the merge?

Once your profiles are merged, all your reviews will appear on Trustpilot under a single main profile. All reviews from each individual company profile will be displayed on the new, combined main profile. This means that your TrustScore will be recalculated based on the merged reviews.

What happens to the traffic from my old reviews?

All domains to be merged must meet the requirement of having a 301 permanent redirect in place before we can carry out the merge. As long as this is done properly, all previous traffic will be redirected to your newly merged main profile.