Manage your product review photos

This feature is part of the Product Reviews add-on module.

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Product review photos enrich reviews by giving customers the option to upload a visual of your product. You can then showcase them for a better shopping experience. Here we’ll explain how to manage them.

What are product review photos?

When writing a product review, customers are given the option to upload their own photo of a product, along with their review text. The photo option is automatically enabled in the review form for all of your products.

Photos can be uploaded in these supported formats: JPEG, PNG, WebP, TIFF, GIF, and SVG.

Showcasing photos

Product review TrustBoxes are the best way to showcase reviews with photos on your website. When using them, photos are automatically enabled, and will appear in two places: under each review and in the photo summary at the top of the TrustBox. Here’s an example:


Note: Trustpilot is a Google Review Partner for product reviews, so photos are automatically connected and shown on Google Shopping. Refer to Google for availability and limitations.

Disable collecting photos

Product review photos are automatically enabled for all your products up for review. But if you don’t want customers to upload photos, you can turn off the option. Here’s how:

  1. In Trustpilot Business, go to Reviews > Product reviews > Settings.
  2. Under User-generated photos, drag the toggle to No.

It’s not possible to disable showcasing photos that customers have already uploaded with a review. Turning off the option will only disable future photo collection and showcasing.

Screening and flagging photos

To avoid inappropriate content, product review photos will be reviewed.

You can also flag a photo for being harmful or illegal, advertising or promotional, or for containing personal information.

Note: A photo can’t be flagged for poor quality. If you see a photo that you think could be improved, we recommend contacting the reviewer and asking them to submit one in better quality.