Trustpilot's integration

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Trustpilot’s integration allows you to automatically reward loyalty points to your customers for leaving service or product reviews. Here we’ll show you how to set up the integration.

Note: We don't currently have a sandbox environment available for testing purposes.

Select Trustpilot actions 

There are four Trustpilot actions that users can perform to be eligible for your points. Choose whichever works best for your business.

  1. Service review created (organic): When a reviewer logs into Trustpilot on their own initiative to write about their experience with a business. The reviewer wasn't invited by the business.
  2. Service review created (invited): When a customer writes a review on Trustpilot after a business sends them an invitation asking them to.
  3. Product review created (invited): When a customer writes a review about a specific product they’ve purchased from a business.
  4. Photo added to Product Review: When writing a Product Review, customers have the option to upload their own photo of a product, along with their review text.
Note: If you want to reward points for photos, be sure to select both actions 3 and 4: for the Product Review itself and for the photo.

Connect Trustpilot with

Follow these steps to authorize permission for Trustpilot to connect with

  1. From your Trustpilot Business account, navigate to Integrations > Marketing. Here you can see your available integrations. Click

  1. On the next page, click Connect.

  1. You’ll be redirected to Click Authorize to grant permission for Trustpilot to connect.

  1. You will be redirected back to your Trustpilot Business account. A green bar at the top of the page shows confirmation of the connection.

Activate and configure points

After you have connected Trustpilot with, you need to set up earning rules to start rewarding customers with loyalty points for reviews. Here’s how:

  1. Log into your account. Navigate to Program > Points > View all ways to earn.
  2. Click Add ways to earn, and scroll down to find Trustpilot actions. Click the action you want to set up.

  1. Under earning value, enter the amount of points awarded.

  1. Check the box to limit the number of times each customer can earn points for this action. Enter the relevant time limitations.

  1. To enable the earning rule, click Create.

  1. Repeat the above for all actions that you want to set up.
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