Roles and permissions overview

As the administrator of your Trustpilot Business account, you can assign roles to your teammates, set permissions, and decide what level of access you want to grant each user.

This article is only relevant if you are on a paid plan, as the Free plan only allows 1 user. Depending on your subscription, there are different limitations on the number of users:

  • Free: 1 user
  • Plus: 3 users
  • Premium: 10 users
  • Advanced: 20 users
  • Enterprise: 1000 users

Each user that you add to your account will have to be given one of the following roles:

  1. Admin - Allows a user to do anything in Trustpilot Business, including managing account settings. This user has access to all domains under the business's account.
  2. Manager - Allows a user to fully manage assigned domains. This user, however, cannot see account settings.
  3. Review manager - Allows a user to manage reviews for specific domains and/or locations. This user can also add widgets.

For a full breakdown of account roles and their permissions, see the table below:

Permission Admin Manager Review manager

Manage reviews

Reply, flag, tag, export

Manage invitations settings  
Set up integrations  

Showcase reviews

TrustBox widgets, Marketing Assets, etc.

Analytics Only available for users not limited to locations

Manage account settings

Billing information, account details, user management, API

Manage public profile settings  

Manage personal profile settings

Personal account + email notifications

For businesses with locations, the Admin can limit the Review Manager’s access to a domain only, without granting permission to locations. This user would manage all reviews not associated with a location; for example, online orders.

You can learn how to change and manage these roles and permissions here.

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