Get an overview of all your reporting activities

Head to your business account for a full breakdown of all your reporting activities, including how many reviews you've reported within a period and the status of each report. This article walks you through all the reporting details that are available to you.

To maintain transparency and strengthen your brand’s credibility, customers also get an overview of your reporting activities on your public profile page.

Your reporting activities

To see your reporting activities, go to Trustpilot Business > Reviews > Service Reviews > Reporting activity, and select a time period.

In addition to the total number of reviews, you'll see the following:

  • Number of reports: The number of reports you've made in the selected period. Keep in mind that one review may have several issues, so you may have reported it several times. That means your number of reports may be higher than your number of reviews.
  • Reports under investigation: The number of reports that Trustpilot is currently investigating for you.
  • Reviews back online: The number of reviews we've put back online because the reviewer addressed the issue or the review was not in breach of our guidelines for the reported reason.
  • Reviews taken offline: The number of reviews we've taken offline because they breach our guidelines.

Activities for each report

You'll also see the following details for each report:

  • Report & review status: See whether your report is closed or if we're still investigating the issue, and what this means for the reported review has it been hidden, taken offline, or is it back online because the issue was resolved?
  • Star rating: Filter by the reported review's star rating, so you can get a general understanding of the reviewer's experience.
  • Reporting reason: See why the review was reported.
  • User who reported: See who in your company reported the review.
  • Last status change: See the last time the status of the report changed.
  • Date of the report: See when the issue was reported.

The color indicators give you a quick status of the report:

  • Blue: We're investigating the report and the review is hidden.
  • Green: The report is valid and the review has been taken offline.
  • Red: The report is closed and the review is back online.