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Location naming guidelines

When you create locations for Location Reviews in your Trustpilot Business account, the names are public: so keep them simple, clear, and descriptive. This will help you keep track of your locations and help reviewers find the right location to review. Here’s what we’ve found works best:

Each location name should be unique.

  • Do: Use short, descriptive names like "Copenhagen", or "London, Baker Street Shop"
  • Don't: Use vague names like “London1” or “London2”

Avoid using your company’s name in the location name. It’s already included in the URL and page headers.

  • Do: Name a location "Amsterdam"
  • Don't: Name a location "CompanyX – Amsterdam"

Avoid punctuation marks, non-letter characters, or marketing messages in the location name.

  • Do: Name a location "Berlin"
  • Don't: Name a location "street@berlin#buynowdiscount!1!"