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If your business has physical stores or branches, you can set up location reviews to collect service reviews for each individual location.

What are location reviews?

Location reviews are a type of service review that allow customers to write reviews based on the service they’ve experienced at a specific location, and not just your business as a whole.

Each location you set up has its own TrustScore and profile page that’s linked to your business’s main profile page.

What are the benefits?

Appear in local searches: Each location’s Trustpilot profile page is SEO-optimized to ensure your locations get discovered by more customers and improve your local SEO.

Increase conversion: Give your consumers more confidence when choosing your local branches with distinct TrustScores and TrustBoxes for each location.

Compare store performance: Gain insights and compare how different locations perform across your business.

Where can I find location reviews?

Anyone who visits your business’s main profile page on Trustpilot can choose to leave a review for your business as a whole. On the right-hand side of the page, they also have the option to choose a specific branch and leave a location review.

Screenshot of a profile page on Trustpilot with Locations highlighted

If you haven’t set up location reviews and you’d like to learn how, click here.

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