Product attributes: Ask customers to rate details of your product

Product attributes enable your customers to rate various details of all your products. Showcase product attribute ratings on your product page to improve the user experience and potentially increase your conversion rate.

What are product attributes?

Product attributes are the various aspects of your product that can be rated individually. For clothing products the attributes would be, for example, fit, quality and value for money.

What are product attribute ratings?

Just like your product's overall star rating, your customers can rate your product’s individual attributes on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. These do not affect the overall rating of the product, but it allows people to see how individual product attributes measure up. Your customers can rate predefined attributes and they can suggest their own, making it easy for them to rate what matters most to them while giving you valuable feedback at the same time.

Why are product attribute ratings valuable?

Showcasing product attribute ratings directly on your product page can help your customers make more confident buying decisions. Our Product Reviews and Product Reviews SEO TrustBoxes already support the display of product attributes and their ratings. All you need to do is enable product attribute ratings in the configuration page of your chosen Product Reviews TrustBox. Your existing TrustBoxes will automatically start showing product attribute ratings once enabled, so you don't have to get and implement the code again.

Either Product Reviews TrustBox widget provides a full overview of attribute ratings for each product, giving your customers the product knowledge they need to buy from your site. In a nutshell, these widgets can improve the user experience and increase your conversion rate.

Product attribute ratings give you powerful product knowledge that can help guide your product decisions in the best direction - find out why certain products really shine, what works well and what needs attention.

Please note that if you’re using the Product Reviews MultiSource TrustBox it's currently not possible to display product attributes, but we’re working on it.

What products are eligible for attribute ratings?

We currently support Apparel, Accessories, and Electronics product categories. More product categories and product-specific attributes will be added shortly. If your products belong to other categories, consumers will be asked to rate the general attributes “Quality” and “Value for money” instead of product-specific ones.

Will product attribute ratings affect my product reviews’ response rate?

Our data shows that users asked to rate attributes are more likely to complete their review than those who only rate the overall product. We also see a slight increase in the length of reviews for products that include attribute ratings. Why? We think that asking customers about specific attributes helps them think about the product in more detail which makes it easier for them to write their review.

How do I enable product attributes?

Product attributes are an integrated part of product reviews. That means they’re available and automatically enabled for all your products. 

If you want to disable product attributes, go to Trustpilot Business > Product Reviews > Product Attributes and toggle the slider to NO.

Remember to set up your product catalog.

If your product isn't covered by the categories with product-specific attributes, customers will be asked to provide feedback using the general attributes like “Quality” and “Value for money”.

Not all my products have product attributes. Do I need one widget to display product reviews and one for product attributes?

No - just implement either the Product Reviews TrustBox or the Product Reviews SEO TrustBox. If the product has attribute ratings, the widget automatically enables ratings. If there aren't attributes available, the TrustBox only displays the overall star rating and reviews for the product.

What do my customers see when asked to rate product attributes?

We’ve made product attributes a natural part of the review process. Here’s what a product review page looks like:

Can I add additional attributes?

If you categorize your products into categories, you can add additional attributes to these categories.

  1. In Trustpilot Business > Product Reviews > Product Attributes, under the relevant category, click the + Add attribute button.
  2. In the dialog, select up to three additional attributes, then click the Save attributes button.

How do I categorize my products?

You can categorize individual products or, if you have a large number of products, categorize multiple products at once.

To categorize an individual product:

  1. Navigate to Trustpilot Business > Product Reviews > Product Catalog.
  2. Under Product catalog, find the product that you want to categorize. In the Category column, in the drop-down menu, click the Show me all categories link.

You can categorize your products, by going to your product catalog. Here two columns are of particular interest, the "Category" column, where you can change categories for your products one by one, and the first column, where you have the option to select multiple products, and change all of their categories at the same time (this can save quite a lot of time, if you have a high number of products).

You select a new category by pressing the category. Here you have the option of either selecting a previously selected category, or pressing Show me all categories.

When selecting a category, you should aim to be as specific as possible. We'll be adding more analytic features for attributes in the future, and it will give you a better view into your products if they are correctly categorized.

After selecting at least a 2nd level category, you have the option to press Update category which will then save the selected categories to the product(s).

Can I add a custom attribute?

We don't support custom attributes at the moment, but you can request attributes. We can't promise that we will add it right away, but it provides valuable feedback for us in regards to what attributes companies would like to see.

To request an attribute:

  1. In Trustpilot Business > Product Reviews > Product Attributes, under the relevant category, click the + Add attribute button.
  2. In the dialog, scroll through the available attributes, then click the + Request attribute button.
  3. Enter the attribute in the text field, then click the Request button.

Is there a product attributes widget?

Yes, if you use the Product Reviews TrustBox you simply need to press Show attribute ratings in all my Product Reviews TrustBoxes in your Business Account.

As with our regular SEO TrustBoxes for Product Reviews, the Product Reviews TrustBox has the same powerful Schema-markup created to improve your SEO.

If I disable product attributes in the Business Account, will my product attribute ratings be removed forever?

No, you will simply stop collecting them. All old reviews will keep their attributes, and no data is lost if you decide to enable them again at a later point.

Will the export of product reviews include product attributes?

Yes, the export file will contain all attributes reviewed for each review.