The three types of Trustpilot reviews

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Collect different types of reviews to suit your needs - whether it’s service reviews of your business, location reviews of your stores, product reviews of what you sell, or all three!

Service reviews

Anyone can write a service review describing a specific experience they’ve had with a business. Each service review has a star rating, a title, a text where we encourage the reviewer to give useful, constructive feedback, and an optional reference number. Service reviews contribute to your business’s overall TrustScore.

Any business that has a domain can have a profile page on Trustpilot and collect service reviews - organically and by invitation.

Location reviews

If your business has physical stores or branches, you can set up locations on Trustpilot to collect service reviews for each location. You can then analyze and compare customer satisfaction at each location, and show your customers how well each location is performing.

Each location has its own profile page and TrustScore. Anyone who visits your business’s main profile page on Trustpilot can choose a location and write a local review. It’ll be shown on both your main profile page and the location’s unique profile page. The reviews for each location also contribute to your business’s overall TrustScore.

Product reviews

Product reviews give customers the opportunity to review specific products they’ve purchased from your business. You can display product reviews on your business’s website, typically next to a product in your online shop so that customers can read them before making a purchase decision.

For now, customers who have bought something from your business can only write a product review if you send them an invitation.

Product reviews do not contribute to your business’s overall TrustScore.

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