Partner-built integration overview

Learn how Trustpilot works with your favorite apps and services to maximize your marketing strategy. Connect the tools you already know, or discover new ways to take things to the next level.

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of some of our partner-built integrations, along with links that you can follow for more information about them. You can also visit our app directory to see a full list of all of our integrations, and find the ones that best suit the needs of your business.

Trustpilot does not offer support for partner-built integrations. If you need additional help, you must contact the partner directly.

How can I use Adestra to add reviews to my marketing campaigns?

Using Adestra's Trustpilot integration, your reviews are dynamically displayed in your email marketing templates, allowing you to easily add reviews to all your emails. Set-up is simple and you can customize the reviews that are displayed, according to product type and star rating.

What are the benefits of integrating Fomo and Trustpilot?

You can showcase your Trustpilot reviews in real-time, by using Fomo’s pop-up notifications. You'll be able to drive conversion and catch your customers' attention by highlighting your newest and best reviews.

How can Fresh Relevance and Trustpilot boost conversion rates for my business?

By featuring Trustpilot reviews and ratings in your Fresh Relevance email campaigns and webpages, you have full control of how ratings and reviews are presented, so you can personalize your customers' journey in real time and strengthen your reputation.

Can I manage my Trustpilot reviews using Freshworks?

Absolutely. You can use this integration to manage all your Trustpilot reviews directly within Freshdesk. Each time a review is posted, a new ticket is created and you can manage and reply to them without having to change your existing workflow.

Why should I use Gnatta and Trustpilot in my customer service strategy?

The integration will let you manage your Trustpilot ratings directly from Gnatta, with cross-channel tracking to monitor the impact of your reviews on other areas of your business. You can respond to reviews in real-time based on star rating and number of reviews the individual has left.

How can I use Kooomo to send invitation reviews?

The Kooomo integration triggers Trustpilot invitations whenever a new order is created. You can set invitation delays, choose email templates, collect product and service reviews, and invite customers automatically.

How does MPZMail work with Trustpilot?

You can collect and feature your Trustpilot reviews automatically. It’s easy to invite customers to leave reviews, sync new reviewer details, and drag TrustBox widgets directly into your MPZMail email templates. You can even send automated thank you emails when a new review is submitted.

Can Nosto recommend products based on Trustpilot reviews?

Trustpilot and Nosto seamlessly integrate with each other, allowing ratings and reviews to be automatically leveraged. This creates a visually consistent experience for the customer, allowing ratings and reviews to be showcased alongside personalized recommendations.

Why should I add reviews to my videos?

Promo allows you to create beautifully designed videos that are credible and engaging. When combined with the added benefit of Trustpilot reviews, you can increase your chances of conversion. The integration makes it easy to add review content to video advertisements and build trust with your customers.

How does the Purple Wifi and Trustpilot integration work?

When a user logs in to the WiFi at one of Purple WiFi's customer venues they receive an email prompting them to leave a review. Guests that have previously visited and connected to the WiFi are sent automated reminders to leave a review of their in-store experience.

How can my Puzzel customer service agents use Trustpilot reviews?

Puzzel’s Trustpilot integration seamlessly presents customer reviews in real-time to appropriately skilled agents in the contact center for immediate response. This allows you to respond to reviews faster and more efficiently.

Why should I use Reputation Studio to manage my reviews?

Reputation Studio aggregates all of your reviews into one dashboard to streamline the process of managing reviews. The integration enables you to monitor, analyze, and respond to Trustpilot reviews directly from within Salesforce.

How can SaleCycle and Trustpilot improve marketing campaigns?

SaleCycle and Trustpilot’s integration works to highlight recent positive reviews within cart abandonment emails. You can highlight your business’ TrustScore directly within email campaigns to maximize your brand’s reputation and avoid lost sales.

What is Sprinklr?

Sprinklr is Trustpilot’s newest integration partner, and they specialize in social listening, social adtech, and social media management. You’ll have to log in to your Sprinklr account to access more information about the integration features.

Why should I include reviews in my SwiftERM email campaigns?

SwiftERM uses past purchase history and live browsing to recommend products and send automated email reminders to customers. It pairs these personalized recommendations with Trustpilot reviews of the product, to boost sales.

Can I manage local Trustpilot reviews using Uberall?

Trustpilot and Uberall seamlessly integrate, streamlining the management of businesses with multiple locations, so you can get a clear overview of customer loyalty in each of your stores or locations.

How do Visualsoft and Trustpilot work together?

With our Visualsoft integration, you can add a Trustpilot widget to the footer of every page of your website and display your TrustScore. You can feature product reviews on your website and automatically invite customers to rate their experience with your business.

When does Wireless Social send customers a review invitation?

Wireless Social allows you to obtain reviews from customers who have visited your venue and used the guest WiFi service. An email with an invitation to leave a Trustpilot review of their experience is automatically sent to visitors when they log on. 

How do Yext and Trustpilot work together to manage reviews?

Trustpilot and Yext partnered to centralize location-based review management. You can easily engage with customers and respond to Trustpilot Local reviews directly within the Yext platform, making monitoring reviews at a local level simple.

Why should I integrate Yieldify and Trustpilot?

Yieldify works to reduce customer acquisition costs, increase conversions, and create customer loyalty. When paired with Trustpilot reviews, ecommerce businesses can deliver user journeys that convert.

Can yReceipts help me get more reviews?

The yReceipts integration enables retailers to collect Trustpilot reviews from customers that opt-in to receiving digital purchase receipts. Once the customer signs up for the e-receipt, they will automatically receive an invitation to leave a review of their experience or purchase.

How does TrustedSite work with Trustpilot?

You'll be able to integrate your Trustpilot information on TrustedSite's certification modal and page. It will display your Trustpilot star rating, the number of reviews you’ve collected, and a link to your Trustpilot profile where visitors can read your reviews.

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