Product reviews: An introduction

Show product reviews directly on your website to help your customers make better online shopping decisions.

What’s a product review?

Product reviews give your customers the opportunity to review specific products they’ve purchased from your business and rate the product attributes - things like quality, design, and value for money.

They're typically shown next to a product in your online shop, so that potential customers can read them before making a purchase decision.


What types of products can be reviewed?

Anything your company sells can be considered a product that can be reviewed - it can be tangible things (e.g. clothes, books, plants) and non-tangible things (e.g. insurance packages, a theater show, computer repairs).

To collect product reviews, we recommend that your business has at least three different products available to buy. Each product should:

  • Be clearly distinguishable from other products and your business’s general service
  • Have its own product page on your business’s website
  • Be sold directly to the customer

Can a service also be a product?

This is where it gets kind of tricky. Product reviews are best applied to off-the-shelf products to avoid confusion between a specific service that overlaps with your business’s general service. But in short, yes, some services can be reviewed as a product. For example:

  • Specific movies and theater shows
  • Online courses (e.g. Italian, algebra, programming)
  • Phone plans (e.g. 5GB/month plan, 10GB/month plan)
  • Car washes (e.g. basic wash, deluxe wash, premium wash)
  • Insurance plans (e.g. boat insurance, pet insurance, health insurance)

What about aggregator websites?

Since products need to be sold directly to the customer, unfortunately aggregator sites aren’t eligible for product reviews at this stage.

Note: A business cannot be a product, nor can its individual store locations.

Where are product reviews shown?

Product reviews aren’t shown on the Trustpilot website, so we recommend that you display them on your website.

More information

Want more info on inviting customers to write product reviews and how to display them? Check out our product review FAQs.