Get started with product reviews

Collecting product reviews using Trustpilot allows you to easily showcase feedback directly on your site, to reassure your customers at precisely the right moment. Start collecting them today! 

What are product reviews?

Product reviews give your customers the opportunity to review the specific products they’ve purchased from your business. Products can be rated overall, or by individual attributes.

Where can I find product reviews?

Product reviews are usually displayed next to a product on your business’s website, so potential customers can read them before making a purchase decision.

What are the benefits?

Showcase product reviews on your website: Customers can read reviews directly on the product's page on your site when you display them with our TrustBox widgets.

Compare products: See your products from your customer's perspective, to find out which products shine and which might need attention.

Enhance Google Ads: If your business uses ads on Google, you can use product reviews to enrich them by adding stars, which can lead to better SEO, higher traffic, and more sales.

Please note that product review TrustBox widgets should go on the relevant product's page, not the homepage, landing page, or the page of another product.

What types of products can be reviewed?

Anything your business sells can be considered a product for review; They can be tangible (e.g. clothes) or intangible (e.g. computer repairs).

Each product should:

  • Be clearly distinguishable from other products.
  • Have its own product page on your business’s website.
  • Be sold directly to the customer.

How to get them

For now, customers who've bought something from your business can only write a product review if you send them an invitation.

Automatic methods 

The easiest and most efficient way to collect product reviews is by using one of our automated methods. You can learn more about each method and how to use them, by clicking through: 

Automatic Feedback Service

Ecommerce integrations 

Trustpilot API 

Manual methods 

We also offer some manual invitation methods. As the name suggests, there's a bit more manual work involved. 

Learn more about them here

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