​Delete your Trustpilot Business account

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No longer want to be a part of the Trustpilot community? Delete your Trustpilot Business account. We'll miss you, but we understand if you want to leave.

When you delete your business account, your Trustpilot public profile returns to an unclaimed state. You can no longer update your public profile. And we'll bid you a fond farewell, then stop sending you notifications.


The world keeps turning, and reviewers can still review your business on Trustpilot. You just won't be able to respond. Your Trustpilot public profile will remain online, but in its unclaimed state. And please remember that we don't delete reviews of businesses, so all of your old (and great) reviews will still be online for people to read.

Note: If you delete your account and want to come back, sign up again to reclaim your profile.

To delete your Trustpilot Business account:

  1. In Trustpilot Business > Settings, under Personal settings, click on Personal account.
  2. On the Personal account page, under Delete my account, click the Delete my account link.
  3. The confirmation screen contains a list of the shared domains that you currently have access to. To continue and delete your account, select the Delete my account button.
  4. In the dialog box, enter your Trustpilot Business account password, then select the Confirm password button.

Your account has now been deleted. We're sorry to see you go!