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​How to include a legal notice in your invitations

Want all your invitations to include a legal notice? Learn how to include a legal notice in your optimized template or in your custom template. Our feature is free and available to everyone.

What is a legal notice?

A legal notice is the specific company information that you put in your commercial email.

We’ve built a legal notice feature that allows you to show your company information in the footer of all your invitations.

Should I enable the legal notice feature?

In a number of countries, it is mandated by law to include a legal notice in your commercial content. However, we strongly recommend that all our customers add a legal notice to their invitations. This supports trust and transparency, and it makes it easy for consumers to see who the invitations are coming from.

What company information do we include in our legal notice feature?

We include the company details that are most commonly found in legal notices:

  • Company name
  • Company address (physical location)
  • Company email address
  • Business/trade registration number

How do I include a legal notice in my invitations?

Our legal notice feature is free and available to all our customers. When enabled, the feature automatically adds the legal notice to your optimized template.

However, if you prefer adding a legal notice to your own custom template, you can get some tips here.

Set up the legal notice on your optimized invitation template

Go to Trustpilot Business > Get Reviews > Invitation Settings, and select Legal notice. Fill out the required information in the form and click Save changes.

Important: The legal notice will only be included in the invitations you’ve set up with Trustpilot’s optimized template. You need to set up custom templates separately.

Where is the legal notice shown?

Once you’ve set your optimized template to show the legal notice, it will be shown automatically in the footer of your invitations.

See the example below.

Set up the legal notice on your custom invitation template

You might already be using a custom template, so it makes sense to add your own legal notice. While a custom template does add more design flexibility, keep in mind that Trustpilot’s optimized templates have been thoroughly tested, so you might want to try them out.

To include a legal notice in your custom template, simply add the required company information (described above) the same way you’d add other details in your footer. You might need help from your designer.

Can I remove my legal notice?

We recommend that all our customers add a legal notice to their invitations. But, you can disable the optimized template feature by going to Invitation Settings > Legal notice, and clicking No.

For custom templates, simply remove the legal notice using the Template Editor.



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