Trustpilot’s Google Chrome Extension

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Bring the power of Trustpilot to your fingertips. Download our Chrome extension to see a business's star rating whenever they appear in your internet searches.

After you install the Trustpilot Google Chrome extension, a star should appear next to a business's name when you search on Google or Bing. The star color corresponds to a business’s star rating or TrustScore. A green star means the business has five Trustpilot stars, while a red star means they have just one. The star only appears if the business has reviews on Trustpilot.

You can click on the star to view the business's profile on our website and read their reviews in full. Whether you're looking for news or just want to buy some shoes, you'll stay informed about which businesses you can trust.

To ensure the extension works properly, make sure your version of Google Chrome is up to date.

Download the extension

  1. You can find the Trustpilot extension here. Alternatively, go to the Chrome Web Store, and search for Trustpilot.
  2. Click Add to Chrome. Click Add extension to confirm.

Use the extension

Now it’s time to give your new extension a test run.

  1. In Chrome, go to Google or Bing, and search for a business.
  2. If the business has been reviewed on Trustpilot, you’ll see a star next to their name.
  3. Hover over the star to see their TrustScore and number of reviews, as well as what Trustpilot plan they’re on. Click Read reviews to visit their profile page on Trustpilot.

Google Search results with Trustpilot's Google Chrome Extension enabled

Configure the extension

You can edit your preferences to control which search engines you'd like to use the extension on, as well as your preferred landing page.

  1. In Chrome, click the extension icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Find Trustpilot, and click the three dots next to it. Click Options.
  3. You’ll have the option to select your local Trustpilot landing page and which search engines you want to use the extension on.
  4. Click Save to update your preferences.

Configure Trustpilot's Google Chrome Extension for landing page and search engine

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