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We’ve collected answers to important GDPR- and privacy-related questions to help you understand how we handle and protect your data, and how you can manage your privacy.

Protecting your personal data

How does Trustpilot make sure my data is safe?

At Trustpilot, we’ve put significant resources into safeguarding your personal information and will continue to do so because data privacy is important to us. Check out the details of how we work with your data and keep it secure in our Privacy Policy.

Find out what information we collect

What information does Trustpilot collect about me?

We explain what personal data we collect and how we use it in our Privacy Policy.

How can I see what data Trustpilot has about me?

You can get an overview of your core personal data by accessing your Trustpilot user account and going to My Settings. You can quickly and easily find out what data we have about you and edit, download, or even delete that data. We also collect some additional personal data that can't be accessed or downloaded via your Trustpilot user account. If you want to get a copy of all personal data we process about you, please contact our Privacy Team at privacy@trustpilot.com.

Control your user profile and sharing settings

Why do I need a user profile?

There are a number of reasons why you need to have a user account if you write reviews on Trustpilot. We may need to email you if there’s a problem with your review, for example.

How do I make my user profile more private?

We always keep your data safe, but some information connecting your user profile to your review(s) is publicly visible. You’re free to edit your profile to change the information displayed about you on Trustpilot if you wish, or to update and correct details associated with your account. You can also edit your reviews or delete any reviews you don't want shown.

Can I change my username to something other than my name?

You can use a pseudonym or change your username to something that makes you less identifiable, or even anonymous, if you like. But it's against our guidelines to impersonate someone with your user profile.

Do I need to include a photo on my account?

You’re free to decide whether or not you want to include a photo on your Trustpilot user account. If you’ve already uploaded a profile picture, you can change it or delete it at any time. Just make sure you don't upload someone else's picture, because that's against our guidelines.

Can I adjust my social settings and sharing of information?

You can control what information you share between Trustpilot and Facebook. See our article on how to change your social settings.

What data does Trustpilot share with the business I’ve reviewed?

When you post an organic review, the company you’ve reviewed — and anyone reading reviews on Trustpilot — can see your review, your username, country location, and any profile picture you've included. We also share with the company any reference number you choose to include with your review. And if you choose to provide more information, this information will also be shared with the reviewed business.

If you write a review on Trustpilot in response to an invitation sent by a business via our review invitation services, that business will be able to match your review with their invitation.

Who can see your reviews

Where are my reviews shown?

Your reviews appear on Trustpilot’s platform, and potentially other places, such as the websites or social media channels of the business you reviewed, if they choose to feature your review. Your review may also be displayed when people do Google searches that bring up the company or product you reviewed.

I’ve signed up to Trustpilot with my Facebook account. Are my reviews on Facebook?

We’ll never post to Facebook on your behalf. But if you want, you can share your reviews on Facebook.

I have reviews that I want to change or don’t want visible

You can update your reviews, or — if you don’t want them displayed — permanently delete them from Trustpilot. See our article on how to edit or delete your reviews.

Deleting your personal data

Can I delete my account?

If you no longer wish to write or display your reviews on Trustpilot, you can delete your user account. However, be aware that this will delete all of your reviews and we won’t be able to recover them.

How can I delete my review invitations data?

If you’ve been sent any invitations to write reviews on Trustpilot from companies that use our services, there will be data associated with these invitations. To delete this data, please contact those companies directly. They are the data controllers for the data and can therefore delete it for you.

To see which companies have sent you review invitations using our services, log into your Trustpilot account, select My Settings, then go into the Download your Trustpilot data section using the Click here link. Scroll down to the heading Download your Trustpilot data and click the button to download your data. This will have all your available data and includes the companies that have sent you review invitations via Trustpilot.

Unsubscribing from Trustpilot emails

I don’t want to receive so many emails from Trustpilot

You can adjust whether or not you receive the different types of emails we send out — including promotional messages. However, if you want to have reviews on Trustpilot, we need to be able to send you important account- and service-related messages, so you can’t avoid all communication. Take a look at our information on unsubscribing here.

I don’t want to get invitations to write reviews on Trustpilot

If you don’t want to receive emails that invite you to review companies on Trustpilot, you can unsubscribe from all review invitations sent using Trustpilot's systems. If you change your mind, you can always resubscribe. Please note, however, that companies may still be able to email you review invitations using their own systems.

Still got questions?

If you have privacy-related questions, feel free to get in touch with our Privacy Team at privacy@trustpilot.com.

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