Delete your review invitations data

If your company uses Trustpilot's invitation services to send out review invitations, you can delete review invitations data about your customers.

How long does Trustpilot keep review invitations data?

If you send out review invitations using Trustpilot, we process review invitations data on your company’s behalf. According to the GDPR, we act as a data processor. We store data for the following periods:

  • 30 days for BCC emails
  • 3 years for review invitations data.

However, you can use our Delete invitations data functionality to delete review invitations data yourself, when you want to.

Note: If your customer wants to delete their Trustpilot account and unsubscribe from all review invitations from companies that use Trustpilot’s automated service, please have them contact directly. In these cases, Trustpilot acts as the data controller, and we’ll be happy to help with your customer’s request.

Delete your customers’ review invitations data

There are two ways to delete review invitations: manually and by using the API.

Delete invitations manually

Go to your Trustpilot Business account > Get Reviews > Invitation Settings > Consumer Privacy.

Choose one of two options to delete invitation data:

  • Delete the invitations data of specific customers

Select this option to delete all of the review invitations data about a particular person.

For example, if your company uses Trustpilot's services to invite your customer John Smith to write reviews, and John Smith asks you to delete all of his personal data connected to review invitations, then you can use this option.

  • Delete all invitations created before a specific date

Select this option to delete all review invitations data before the default 3 year interval. This deletes all review invitation data up to the date you choose.

Use the API to delete invitations data

If you use Trustpilot APIs to automate workflows between your system and Trustpilot’s platform, use this API to automate the delete invitations requests.

How will deleting the review invitations data affect my company?

Once you’ve deleted your company’s review invitations data, the review links are disabled in all invitation emails that have already been sent.

If a customer has already reviewed your company, their review remains online even if their invitation data has been deleted.

You can control the frequency of review invitations in Trustpilot Business > Get Reviews > Invitation Settings > Timing and frequency:

For example, you can specify that only a single invitation should be sent per customer every three years.

Note: If you delete your review invitations data, you also remove the record that determines when your last review invitation was sent. This means that customers may receive invitations more frequently than your specified invitation interval.