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Maybe you've noticed a review on your profile and you really want to write a reply. Or there's a reviewer you don't recognize and you'd like to ask them for more information about their experience. Create a Trustpilot Business Account and claim your company's profile so you can start reaching out and interacting with your reviewers.

Responding to reviews

When you reply to a review, your reply is visible to anyone who visits your Trustpilot profile page. It’s your opportunity to address the points that a customer made, or to just say thank you for a great review.

When a potential customer visits your Trustpilot profile, they'll see that you spend time interacting with and responding to your reviews. The message they'll receive is that you care about your customers and appreciate feedback. Makes you a company worth trusting, right?

And it works both ways – when you respond to any negative feedback, you get the opportunity to show the world how you deal with criticism and to put right whatever went wrong for that reviewer. In our experience, potential customers look for how you handle negative reviews, so try to view them as an opportunity. You can potentially make things right for the original reviewer, and also win over some new customers too.

Helpful tips on replying

Contacting reviewers

Sometimes, you might not recognize the experience described in an organic review. You can't see the reviewer's email address in an organic review, so when this happens, use the Find Reviewer function to contact the author and ask for clarification about their buying or service experience. Any messages you send using this tool are shared directly with the reviewer, and are private.

The reviewer has three days to respond to your request. If you haven't heard back from them after this period, and you have reason to believe that the reviewer has not had a genuine experience with your business, you can then report the review for that reason.

Reporting reviews

Occasionally, a reviewer posts a review that contravenes our Guidelines for Reviewers (US, UK).

If this happens, report the review to our Content Integrity Team. They'll investigate the problem and see if it can be addressed.

It's really important that you only report reviews that breach our guidelines, because misuse of the reporting function may result in that function being disabled for your account.