Share and showcase reviews

Trustpilot offers multiple ways to share and showcase your business’s reviews, TrustScore, and Star ratings. Displaying them shows that you’re open to feedback and can lead to more reviews from both current and potential customers.

An important thing to consider before you showcase and share your reviews, is that you'll need to either ask permission from the reviewer to use their review or make sure they're completely anonymous. This doesn't apply if you're showcasing via TrustBox widgets or our Image Generator. 

Be aware that the following options are available to you, depending on your Trustpilot Business plan.

Share reviews on social media

We offer several ways to share reviews on social media. They're all a little different, so you can learn about each way of sharing by clicking through to their respective articles. 


Showcase reviews via widgets

Showcase your reviews with embedded website widgets that display customer feedback directly on your website or within your marketing. With our widgets, you can display your reviews, TrustScore, and star ratings.

Showcase reviews with Trustpilot marketing assets

You can also use our marketing assets to showcase your reviews across your social media, marketing, and advertising materials. We’ve created images, logos, and templates for you to use for both print and digital channels.

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