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​Share your reviews

Sharing your Trustpilot profile is one of the best ways to get more reviews. After all, what’s the point in having a profile if people don’t know it’s there?

The more people that know they can find you on Trustpilot, the more people will leave a review of your business. The more reviews that your business has on Trustpilot, the easier it will be for prospective customers to see how trustworthy you are.

There are a few different ways to talk to your customers about Trustpilot.

Social media

Most businesses these days have some kind of presence on social media - in fact it’s becoming increasingly rare to find one that doesn’t.

By using your social media page to share that you have a profile on Trustpilot and invite your customers to review your business, you’re showing that you’re open to feedback.

Potential customers may then be encouraged to become actual customers by visiting your Trustpilot profile and reading your reviews.

Sharing specific reviews

You can share individual reviews by using the Share button, which appears underneath the review in your Business Account. This button allows you to post the review to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn, and appears alongside the Reply and Report buttons.


When you claim your profile on Trustpilot, you get access to some of our library of widgets, known as TrustBoxes.

Placing a TrustBox at a strategic point on your company website allows you to showcase your TrustScore, number of reviews and presence on Trustpilot, to anyone who might be considering whether or not to do business with you.

For many potential customers, a TrustBox may just be the difference between choosing your company over your competitor.

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