Send invitations for verified reviews

Now that you’ve claimed your Trustpilot profile and you know what we're all about, start inviting your past and present customers to review your business.

We strive to make the invitation process as painless as possible. You want to start getting reviews as soon as possible, right? Invite customers manually or use our Automatic Feedback Service to automate your invitation process and start gathering those reviews quickly.

What’s a verified review and why is it important?

So, why verified reviews? They're reviews that Google recognizes as coming from a customer or reviewer who's had a genuine buying or service experience. To qualify for Google-related benefits, such as Google Seller Ratings, you need to have received 100 verified reviews from that country, with a composite rating of 3.5 stars or higher within the last 12 months.

Manual invitations

If you’re new to Trustpilot and don’t have that many reviews yet, manually inviting your past customers is a simple way to raise your profile and gather reviews.

When you send a manual review invitation from within your Business Account, your customers receive messages generated using our optimized invitation template. We’ve tested a lot of different templates with different writing styles, wording, and formats. This template's proven to be the most effective at getting customers to respond to review invitations.

There are three ways to send manual invitations:

Once those reviews come rolling in, consider making your invitation process even easier with our...

Automated invitations

The best way to ensure you regularly receive new, relevant reviews on your company profile is to set up and automate the invitation process.

The easiest way is to automate your invitations using your eCommerce system, if there's a Trustpilot integration available to use.

If your eCommerce system isn't currently supported, use our Automatic Feedback Service to send your invitations. AFS is easy to implement, and it ensures that you don’t need to remember to update, upload, and invite a new batch of customers each month.

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