​Trustpilot's eCommerce integrations

If you’re already using one of the more popular eCommerce platforms, there’s a good chance that Trustpilot has already built an integration for it.

Using one of Trustpilot’s eCommerce integrations means you can easily automate your invitation process within the platform, giving you time to get on with the more important stuff - like running your business!

Tip: Unsure which eCommerce platform you're using? Use this tool to find out.

Trustpilot currently has integrations available for the following eCommerce platforms:

Click on the name of your platform to open a guide that will show you how to set up the integration.

My eCommerce platform isn’t listed

Don’t worry! If your platform isn’t listed yet, you can still set up automated invitations using our Automatic Feedback Service (AFS), which can be set up and ready to go in minutes.

We’re always working on new additions to our platform, so there’s a chance that your platform will have an available integration soon, but in the meantime, AFS will help you to streamline your invitation process.

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