​Choosing a username for your Trustpilot reviewer account

Each Trustpilot reviewer account must have a username, and how you choose yours will depend on whether you are happy to be identifiable or wish to retain a degree of anonymity.

Your username is not permanent like it is on some other platforms, and you are able to edit it at any time.

What can I choose as my username?

You're free to select a username of your choice. Many of our reviewers choose to keep it simple and use their first name only, while others are happy to display their full name.

If you'd prefer to be anonymous, you can choose something other than your name - just make sure it's appropriate for a review platform and in line with our Guidelines for Reviewers (US version, UK version). For example, your username shouldn't seek to impersonate somebody else, or include anything offensive like hate speech, profanities, defamatory statements or advertising.

Note that we use your email address as the unique identifier for your account, so it's possible that other reviewers may have the same username. For example, there may be more than one reviewer with the username "Jane Smith" on Trustpilot.

Why have you used my full name?

If you signed up to Trustpilot by connecting your profile to a social media account such as Facebook, you agreed to allow us access to selected information - such as your name and any profile picture you have on Facebook. If your full name is your username on Facebook, it will be the same on Trustpilot. Learn more about this in our Privacy Policy for reviewers.

If you wrote a review in response to an invitation, we created your profile with the details provided to us by the company who invited you to review them. If they used your full name, then that is the username assigned to you automatically on Trustpilot. To correct or change your name, see below.

How do I change my username?

If you'd like to choose a new username or need to correct a mistake, it's simple to edit your username and other settings on Trustpilot - this article explains how.

Note: It may take up to 20 minutes for your changes to be visible on Trustpilot