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I want to unclaim my company's Trustpilot profile

If you've changed your mind about using Trustpilot's business services, we can help you remove your login details and return your public profile page to an unclaimed state.

Important note: Returning your public profile page to its unclaimed state only removes your ability to log in to your business account. It doesn't remove your public profile page, or any existing reviews about your company, and won't prevent people from reviewing your company on Trustpilot in the future.

What's the difference between my business account and my public profile page?

Your business account is the part of your Trustpilot profile that only you (or whoever you have allowed access to on behalf of your business) can see. It's where you can log in and reply to reviews, as well as report reviews which contravene our guidelines, and contact reviewers you don't recognize. It's also where you can send invitations and set up your eCommerce integrations.

This is how your reviews look from within your business account:

Your public profile page is the page on the main Trustpilot site where your customers can leave a review of your business. If it contains reviews, returning it to an unclaimed state will not remove those reviews.

This is an example of a public profile page:

Will returning my public profile page to an unclaimed state get rid of all my reviews?

Trustpilot is an online review community, and all reviews are owned by their authors. For this reason, if your public profile page has reviews on it, we won't remove or hide those existing reviews.

When we remove your business account, this returns your public profile page to its unclaimed state. Customers will still be able to search for and review your business, but without a business account (that is, the ability to log in and manage your reviews), you won't be able to reply to them on Trustpilot.

By removing your business account, you're removing the ability to interact with your reviews, including reporting, replying and contacting the reviewer, but you will not be removing the reviews themselves.

How do I return my profile to an unclaimed state?

If you understand the above and still want to return your public profile page to an unclaimed state, you'll need to contact our Support Team.

You can get in touch with the Support Team through live chat, which is accessed by clicking the Help button in the bottom right of the Support Center. Or you can send a message from our contact form, which is accessed by clicking Contact Support, at the top of any Support Center page.

We'll then get in touch and carry out your request for you.



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