​How can I pay my Trustpilot invoice?

If you're a Trustpilot Business customer on one of our paid accounts, there are several different ways that you can pay your invoices.

Automatic payment by credit card

The easiest way to take care of your invoice is to pay it automatically with a credit or debit card. Your bill's paid on the same date each month. If your credit card details change, you can update them by going to Trustpilot Business. Go to Settings > Billing > Change payment method. This feature is available to all users with an admin role.


To set up your automatic payment, contact Trustpilot's accounts department or speak to your Customer Success Manager. We accept VISA debit and credit cards, Mastercard and American Express.

Payment by wire transfer

You can transfer the full invoice amount to Trustpilot by direct wire transfer. We provide you with all of the information you need to do this on your invoice, including Trustpilot's own bank account details.

To carry out a wire transfer, you need to get in touch with your bank. Some banks let you pay invoices online or through a mobile app. Different banks offer different services, so check with your bank to find out what options they offer.

Note: If you are based outside of Denmark, the UK, or the USA, you have to pay using an international wire transfer. Your bank can assist you in arranging this.

Payment by credit card or PayPal

You can make single payments each month using your credit card or PayPal account. We accept VISA debit and credit cards, Mastercard and American Express.

To pay this way, click the link provided in your electronic invoice. It's located on the bottom of the page.

Note: Make sure to click the actual link rather than trying to type the address into your browser. The web address for our payment service is extremely long, so a shortened version is displayed on our invoices.

Payment by check

Most European banks no longer accept payment by check, so you can only pay using a check in the USA.

Payment by direct debit

British customers can pay their invoices by setting up a direct debit agreement with their bank. To set this up, contact your Customer Success Manager or Trustpilot's accounts department.

Questions regarding payments

Have questions about your invoice or payment method?

Your Customer Success Manager can also answer your questions about your account or contract. If you're not sure who that is, log in to your Business account to find their name and contact information.

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