Why must companies provide a public version of their reporting reason?

We believe in transparency, and that everyone should be able to see and understand why companies have reported reviews.

When a company reports a review for violating our guidelines, it must select and explain the reason(s) for reporting the review. We also ask the company to create a public version of its report that is visible to everyone on Trustpilot. We include this step to make it clear why each review has been reported, and to help companies report reviews correctly.

Reasons provide insight, credibility and honesty

Reported reviews aren't visible on Trustpilot while our Content Integrity Team investigate, so without a publicly-visible explanation as to what the problem is, users of our community would only be able to read that a review has been reported for breaching Trustpilot’s User Guidelines (US version, UK version).

Providing space for an explanation helps companies use our tools in a more open, honest and credible way. It gives them the opportunity to show that they’ve taken the time to consider whether there is in fact a breach of our guidelines, and how. This extra level of openness also makes it less likely that members of our community will be misled. It arms them with more insight into why a company reports reviews, and whether their reporting behavior seems consistent and justified.

What to write?

Keep in mind that everyone using Trustpilot can see the public reporting reason, so be polite and keep in line with your brand. Explain why you've reported the review. It could be, for example, that the review:

  • Is in the wrong place (it's written about another company)
  • Includes personal information about a staff member
  • Contains offensive language
  • Violates another part of our guidelines

If people aren't familiar with our guidelines, this extra level of detail can help increase their awareness of the rules of our platform.