Walkthrough: Using Product Review TrustBoxes to get rich snippets for SEO

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Maximize the value you get from using Trustpilot’s Product Reviews TrustBoxes and earn rich snippet stars for organic search results.

Installing a Product Review TrustBox on your product pages is a great way to keep them “fresh” with unique content and drive more organic traffic to them. It also makes you eligible to receive rich snippet stars, which can help to make your products stand out in search engine result pages, or SERPs.

There are two things you should do to focus on getting rich snippets:

  • Make sure that your TrustBox has been implemented correctly.
  • Prompt Google to crawl and index your product pages to ensure they index your Structured Data markup and review content.

Note: Rich snippets are entirely at the discretion of Google. Even if you've satisfied all of their guidelines, Google still decides if they'll display rich snippets in SERPs.

Verify your TrustBox implementation

There are several things you can do to make sure that your TrustBox implementation works properly.

Check that all users can see your SEO TrustBox

Make sure that your TrustBox is prominently featured on your product pages. Your users shouldn't have to scroll to see your TrustBox.

Also, keep in mind that if you hide your TrustBox behind tabs or expand-all links, Google may not grant you rich snippets.

Check that the Schema.org markup loaded

Next, make sure that your site loads the correct data into the Schema markup. You must include the Product SKU and product title fields.

  1. In your browser, go to your product page. Right-click on your TrustBox, then click Inspect Element.
  2. Make sure the HTML element includes the correct data-sku and data-name fields.
  3. Scroll to the page's <head> element and find the json-ld. You can also search the element for aggregrateRating. Verify the field's name and sku are correct.

Your TrustBoxes include different schema types depending on how they are installed: 

  • TrustBoxes installed with an Ecommerce Integration are enriched with product, description, image, and brand markup.
  • TrustBoxes installed without an Ecommerce integration are enriched with product markup only.

Note: We do not recommend adding your own markup of the same schema type, in addition to those included in our SEO-optimized product review TrustBoxes. Duplicated markup can have a negative impact on SEO.

Review your SEO TrustBox for Product Reviews Schema.org markup

  1. Copy the URL of your product page that has the SEO TrustBox and paste it in Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.
    • If the Structured Data Testing Tool doesn’t detect the Schema markup, your page may load too slowly.
  2. In the Detected section, in the Product field, make sure there are 0 errors detected.
  3. Click on Product to expand the data that Google reads from the markup.
  4. When you click on a data field in the right-hand pane, the relevant HTML markup in the left-hand pane will be highlighted. Check that every field is in order, i.e. AggregateRating, number of reviews, etc.

Prompt Google to crawl and index your product pages

Now that you've properly implemented your SEO TrustBox for product reviews, it’s time to tell Google to crawl your product pages.

To ensure Google has indexed your review content, prompt Google to crawl your product page(s). If you sell thousands of products on your site, prompt Google to crawl your most popular products first. Once your reviews have been indexed, rich snippets should begin to appear in Google search results.

To prompt Google to index your product pages:

  1. Log in to your Google Search Console and select your website.
  2. In the Inspect any URL in your site's name field, enter the URL of the page that contains the TrustBox.
  3. Once the URL data has been retrieved, click on Request Indexing.
    • If you get a message that says "URL is not on Google", click the Test Live URL button to find out why Google cannot crawl your page.
  4. Repeat this process for all the URLs that contain the same TrustBox. Once Google has indexed your pages, your rich snippets should begin to appear in Google Search.

Note: If your site is of low authority – one that Google doesn’t crawl very often – and if you don’t prompt Google to fetch your new content, it can take more than three months before Google crawls your product pages.