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​How-to Guide: Get Rich Snippets for SEO with Service Review TrustBoxes

TrustBox widgets make it easy for your company to achieve Rich Snippets. When you implement a TrustBox on your website, we mark up your TrustScore and your total number of reviews, and this helps your website stand out in Google Search (SERPs).

A TrustBox won't improve your website's SEO directly, but the markup makes it easier for Google to understand your rating. This can increase your organic click-through rate, drive more traffic to your website, and improve your rank over time. Read more about Google’s guidelines for structured data.

If you are interested in getting Rich Snippets for product reviews, check out our SEO-friendly Product Reviews TrustBox.

Get Rich Snippets with a TrustBox

TrustBoxes are the fastest and easiest way to showcase reviews on your site. We’re continuously following the trends in structured data and can ensure that your implementation is always compliant with Google’s guidelines provided you carefully follow the TrustBox implementation guidelines.

Here's how to get started with Rich Snippets in Google Search using TrustBoxes:

Step 1: Add a TrustBox to your website

  1. Choose a TrustBox from the TrustBox Library that displays service reviews.
  2. Check the box marked Enable Rich Snippets for SEO.
  3. Implement the TrustBox code on your website, following the implementation guidelines.

Step 2: Prompt the Googlebot to crawl and index your pages

  1. Log into your Google Search Console, select your website, and navigate to Crawl > Fetch as Google.
  2. Add the URL of the page where you’ve implemented the TrustBox, and click on Fetch and render.
  3. Once Google has completed the Fetch, click on Submit to Index.
  4. Check the I'm not a robot box, followed by Crawl only this URL, and click Go.

Repeat the above steps for all the URLs where you’ve implemented the same TrustBox. Once your pages are indexed, Rich Snippets should begin to appear in Google Search.

Implementation Guidelines

If your site is of low authority, i.e., one that Google doesn’t crawl very often, it can take more than three months before Google crawls your pages. You need to prompt Google to fetch your new content.

Here's how you can achieve optimal results:

Always do this

  1. Add the TrustBox code only to a handful of key landing pages (not more than 5), e.g.:
    • Your About Us or Testimonials page.
    • 1 or 2 top landing pages according to your analytics.
  1. Position the TrustBox above the fold or in a clear and visible position, where people can easily see the stars right after they land on your page.
    • Tip: Avoid placing it in the global header/footer or navigation menu where the TrustBox will be surfaced across the whole website.

Don't do this

  1. Don't try to get Rich Snippet Stars from your TrustScore across your entire site, as this will be considered spam and is frowned upon by Google.
    • Tip: Place a regular TrustBox (without Rich Snippets markup) on other pages.
  1. Don't add the SEO TrustBox to your category pages. Google does not allow category pages to get rich snippets. If you do, then you'll be breaking their guidelines.

Keep in mind that Google doesn't support Rich Snippet Stars for SEO optimized TrustBoxes on the homepage. However, we still recommend adding an SEO optimized TrustBox to your homepage to enrich your website with good metadata. This will improve your website's visibility in Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Important: Rich Snippets are entirely down to Google’s discretion. Even when you have satisfied all of their guidelines, it is still Google's decision whether they display Rich Snippets in SERPs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not seeing Rich Snippets? Find our troubleshooting guide here.

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets mark up the content of your web page to help search engines find and index information more easily.

Rich Snippets are not the same as Google Seller Ratings or the yellow stars that appear in your ads. Rich Snippet Stars appear in organic search results.

Will Google index the service reviews of TrustBoxes optimized for SEO?

No. Google indexes the content of the reviews on your company profile page on trustpilot.com. The same content should never be indexed on your site as well, as this would be flagged as dual content and may lead to SEO penalties. TrustBoxes only mark up your TrustScore and your total number of reviews.

Can I add Rich Snippets to all my pages?

We strongly advise that you don't do that. It would be misleading and likely be looked upon as spam by Google. We recommend picking the one or two pages that represent you as a company the most, e.g., About us. In addition, you can also add Rich Snippets to 1 or 2 top landing pages, but don't add Rich Snippets to more than 5 pages on your site.

How do I add Rich Snippets on my category or product list page?

We’ve seen a lot of sites mark up their product list pages as products. Maybe your competitors do it? But it’s against Google's guidelines and if you do it, you'll risk losing all your Rich Snippets, including legitimate Rich Snippets on product pages.

Google has already started taking action against some bigger sites who misuse Rich Snippets. The best option you have is to follow Google's guidelines. Our TrustBoxes offer a safe way to do just that!

Why is the Rich Snippets markup only available on some TrustBoxes?

Our Rich Snippets feature is only available on a few TrustBoxes – the ones that are fully compliant with Google’s guidelines. The Google-compliant TrustBoxes show:

  • Your overall TrustScore and total number of reviews.
  • Your review content.
  • The original source where your site visitors (and Google) can read all the reviews.

How long does it take before Rich Snippets appear on my search results?

Once you've implemented the TrustBox, log into your Google Search Console and do a Fetch and Submit to prompt Google to re-crawl your page faster and let them know about the new Rich Snippets markup. We have seen customers get Rich Snippets overnight, while in other cases it has taken up to six weeks. Sometimes Rich Snippets appear right away, then they disappear. They will reappear upon Google’s next crawl and this is normal Google crawling behavior. Note that Rich Snippets are entirely down to Google’s discretion. Even when you have satisfied all of Google's guidelines, it is still Google's decision whether to display them in SERPs. Some sites might never be able to get Rich Snippets, e.g., gambling sites.

Only Google displays my Rich Snippets. Why doesn't anything appear in Bing?

All Service Review TrustBoxes that are optimized for SEO use JSON-LD. Bing doesn't support JSON-LD yet, but announced support for it in 2018.

Why aren't my Rich Snippets appearing in Google search results?

It can take up to six weeks from the time Google crawls your page to the time the content appears in search results. Sometimes a page must be submitted several times before it gets crawled, thus prolonging the process more.

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