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Trustpilot-Zendesk Integration FAQ

What are the benefits of integrating Trustpilot with Zendesk?

This integration lets you reply to reviews from within Zendesk. Your customer-facing staff will be able to interact with service reviews without having to log in to Trustpilot or even having to change workflows, making for a more streamlined customer service experience.

The Trustpilot service reviews are fully integrated with Zendesk, so any macros or triggers that are set up inside Zendesk will work the same, and you will even be able to create new ones to automate parts of the process.

Note: Trustpilot recommends that interaction with customers be written by a person, as an automated response might reflect negatively.

Companies that already handle support in Zendesk will be able to install a Trustpilot Channel side by side with their existing channels like email, phone, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The integration will help streamline your customers’ communication process, and yours too, as you can now reply to Trustpilot reviews the same place as you reply to emails.

Why does my response to a customer review on Trustpilot get changed/removed?

It is only possible to have one response posted per review on Trustpilot. Therefore, every additional reply you post inside Zendesk will overwrite any previous reply you might have written to the customer.

Will it be possible to report, tag, and share reviews from Zendesk?

Reporting, tagging, and sharing functionalities are not included in the integration. However, clicking the link to Trustpilot within the ticket will open up the service review inside your Trustpilot Business Portal where you can tag, report, and share as usual.

How often will new reviews appear in Zendesk?

After a new review is written on Trustpilot, it will appear in the Zendesk interface within 2-4 minutes.

How much time does it take for the reply to be posted on Trustpilot?

Once the review appears in Zendesk in the form of a ticket and a reply is written, the reply gets posted instantly on Trustpilot. Due to caching, it can take some time before it is visible.

Does the Trustpilot channel work with all the Zendesk features?

Yes it does, Macros, Triggers, Automations, etc., all of it!

Why can’t I log in with my Google Account when setting up the integration?

For security concerns, only logins with email/password are allowed.



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