Upgrade to the latest version of Automatic Feedback Service (AFS)

This feature is included in the Free plan.

If you’re using Automatic Feedback Service to send automated review invitations, you’re most likely using the most current version. If you think you may be on the older version and want to upgrade, this article will show you how.

Activate the latest version of AFS

In Trustpilot Business, go to Get Reviews > Automatic Feedback Service. If you are on an older version, you will see a message that says Upgrade Required. Select Upgrade to AFS 2.0 for free. This will initiate a setup wizard that will guide you through the entire upgrade process. If you don’t see the Upgrade Required button, that means you’re already running the latest version.

Update your BCC details

In order for us to receive your order confirmation emails and trigger a review invitation, it’s very important that you update the email alias you're using to BCC Trustpilot. The setup wizard will guide you through this change.

Replace any TP codes with Structured Data Snippets

If you were using any special TP codes in your order confirmation emails, you’ll need to replace them and use our Structured Data Snippet instead. The snippets are more efficient than the old TP codes at providing our system with special information and they add more functionality. Learn how to use Structured Data Snippets in this article.

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