Troubleshooting for developers with Business Generated Links

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Before you begin creating Business Generated Links, we’ve created some resources about authenticated encryption on GitHub to help you get started. Learn about them here.

Authenticated Encryption on Github

Open source library for .NET

If your chosen development language is C-Sharp .NET, then you’re in luck. We’ve generated a programming library that combines the .NET built-in AES and HMAC algorithms to provide a user-friendly interface for authenticated encryption.

Our library is based on this Gist by James Tuley, but modified slightly to only support the key based versions. Also, it doesn’t use the GCM version, so there aren’t any external dependencies.

Visit our GitHub repository and download the library here.


Open source command line client for Windows, Linux & Mac (beta)

We’ve also developed a lightweight command line client (program) your company can use to encrypt the data payload included in a Business Generated link. This was developed to accommodate companies with limited programming resources. You can learn more and download this client here.

Download open source examples for your programming language here: