​How do reviews get on Trustpilot?

Let's look at the different ways you can review a business on Trustpilot, and how we label those reviews.

Organic reviews

We call unsolicited reviews "organic reviews". It's when you log into Trustpilot on your own initiative and write about your recent experience with a business. These reviews aren't labeled.

We do have some rules about who can and can't write a review — read more about that here.

Reviews by invitation

You might have got an email from a business asking you to review them on Trustpilot. All businesses, regardless of whether they use our free or paid services, can send review invitations to their customers.

Automatic invitations

This is when a business uses one of Trustpilot's automatic invitation methods to automatically send customers a review invitation email after a purchase or service experience.

Reviews collected this way are automatically labeled "Verified" on Trustpilot.

Note: If an organic review is flagged to us as fake, but the reviewer sends us documentation to show they've had a genuine experience, we'll label the review 'Verified'. Read more.

Manual invitations

It's also possible for businesses to send review invitation emails to their customers with one of Trustpilot's manual invitation methods or using their own in-house systems.

Reviews collected this way are automatically labeled "Invited" on Trustpilot.



Sometimes businesses share a link on their website that leads to their public profile on Trustpilot. If you click on such a link and write a review, it will be automatically labeled "Redirected" on Trustpilot.

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