​How are reviews collected?

Customer reviews on Trustpilot are collected in different ways: as organic reviews, via Trustpilot's invitation services, or in response to invitations sent directly from the company reviewed.

1. Organic reviews

Reviews that are not solicited are "organic" reviews. This means that after having a buying or service experience, a customer logs onto Trustpilot and writes a review on their own initiative, without a specific invitation from the business or company they’ve had dealings with.

Tip: If companies want more information from an organic reviewer who they don't recognize or can't find in their customer database, they can log into their Business Account on Trustpilot and access our handy Find Reviewer tool. This lets them connect directly with the reviewer to ask for further details.

2. Trustpilot invitation - company invites customers using Trustpilot's services

Companies can invite their customers to review them using our invitation services, such as our Automatic Feedback Service. This can make the process faster and easier to manage for businesses.

This option is available to companies that subscribe to Trustpilot's paid services, and, to a limited extent, companies using our free services. See our different services available in the US and the UK here.

3. Own invitation - company invites customers independently

Businesses can use their own resources to send invitations to customers inviting them to review their experience on Trustpilot. It's up to each individual business how they choose to invite, but we do require invitations to comply with our Company Guidelines (US version, UK version).

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