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​The journey of customer reviews on Trustpilot

Trustpilot's online review community provides consumers who have had a genuine buying experience with the opportunity to share their experience by writing a review.

This infographic is a simplified overview of the review journey on Trustpilot. Find more information about our processes on our website: https://www.trustpilot.com/trust.

1. Customer writes a review

The review journey starts with a customer writing about their personal buying or service experience and giving the business or domain concerned a star rating of between one and five on Trustpilot.

Ideally, great customer reviews will describe the overall buying experience in a way that’s helpful to other consumers reading reviews on Trustpilot, and useful to the company reviewed. Honest reviews that set out the facts, provide details, and focus on the level of customer service are valuable contributions to our online review community. Reviewers should leave out personal information (such as names of people), links to other companies and URLs, and anything offensive - such as defamatory statements and coarse words or language. These are not permitted on Trustpilot (see our User Guidelines or our quick guide to the User Guidelines here).

2. Reviews are shown chronologically on Trustpilot

Trustpilot displays reviews chronologically, in the same order that they’re posted.

Trustpilot doesn’t monitor reviews as they come in. Reviews are not moderated or censored before being published on Trustpilot. Once posted, they’re visible to everyone instantly. That also means that businesses can’t delay the publication of reviews by their customers.

When a review is published, the business that’s been reviewed has the opportunity to see it, reply to it and engage in dialogue. It’s this open conversation that gives them the opportunity to learn how to improve their services.

3. Genuine reviews stay on Trustpilot

Most of our users have good intentions and respect our rules. Such reviews stay on Trustpilot for our online review community to read and learn from.

Reviews also stay online where companies change ownership. We don’t delete reviews or company profile pages on Trustpilot if a business is taken over by new owners. But those new owners are able to reply to reviews and let reviewers know about the business's change of hands.

4. Everyone can flag problematic reviews

We don’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole barrel! We know that there are a small number of people that post fake reviews on Trustpilot. But we also recognize the power of an entire community keeping an eye out for suspicious behavior and reporting it to us.

We take instances of fraud or misuse of our platform seriously and have tools in place* for weeding out non-genuine or problematic reviews. Such reviews can be flagged by our customized software, or reported to us by a Trustpilot user, or even the company who was reviewed. Our Compliance Team will then investigate and take appropriate action.

5. Reviews that can be made compliant can be reinstated

Reports of non-compliant reviews are investigated by Trustpilot’s Compliance Team. If they find problems that can be addressed, the review’s author will be invited to edit their review to bring it in line with Trustpilot’s guidelines.

If the company being reviewed disputes that the reviewer has had a genuine buying experience with their business, the reviewer can provide documentation that shows their purchase, transaction or experience to verify their review. Note that Trustpilot treats all reported reviews equally - regardless of whether they’re positive and negative.

Reviews that have been removed pending investigation, but are then edited to comply with Trustpilot’s User Guidelines, can be put back online. They’ll be visible to the community immediately.

6. Reviews may be removed under specific circumstances

Non-compliant reviews that are not edited by their authors in the timeframe specified - and continue to violate Trustpilot’s guidelines - will be removed from our platform. They will no longer count towards a business's TrustScore.

Reviews that are removed are not deleted, but these reviews will remain offline until and unless any outstanding problems can be resolved. We’re always able to reinstate reviews if their authors come back to us at a later date.

We consider reviews to be user-generated content owned by their authors. Therefore, only the reviewers themselves can permanently delete individual reviews through their personal accounts on Trustpilot.

7. Reviews can be updated

Reviewers are only permitted to write one review per company, but they are welcome to update their reviews over time to add details of their most recent transactions, or leave comments to reflect a changed opinion of the company.

8. The journey continues

Reviews remain on Trustpilot in the order they’ve been posted. This gives consumers the chance to make better choices, and businesses the opportunity to listen to, engage with and learn from their customers.

Trustpilot uses automated and manual processes to protect the integrity of its platform. They include sophisticated detection software that operates 24/7 to identify and remove reviews that are deemed false. Reviewers are notified if their reviews are removed from Trustpilot.



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