​What's the purpose of Trustpilot?

We've created an online review community to help businesses and consumers benefit from people sharing genuine feedback about their buying and service experiences.

Since our beginnings in 2007, Trustpilot's purpose has always been: We want to help people.

We want to help businesses collect and work with reviews to engage with their customers, fix problems and achieve success through improving their services. We also want to help consumers learn about businesses so they can make more informed choices and buy products and services with confidence.

Feedback and transparency

Trustpilot hosts reviews as user-generated content in an online community that's open and accessible to everyone.

We believe that letting people share their experiences can improve transparency, help build relationships and enhance trust between businesses and consumers. And when companies work with review feedback — including critical feedback they can show customers they care and win loyalty.

Great experiences for businesses and consumers

We asked our founder and CEO, Peter Mühlmann, about starting Trustpilot. He explained that greater transparency can help everyone succeed:

Why did you start Trustpilot?

"I started Trustpilot so that when people like my friends or people such as my mom are buying a trip to France or they buy a new kitchen online - I want them to get a great experience every time they buy something. I want it to be easy for them to know that it’s a good company they’re buying from.

And I’m also very motivated by helping the companies out there get to know their customers better and win because they go the extra mile to deliver that great experience every time."

Why do you believe in Trustpilot?

"At Trustpilot, I really believe in us helping consumers. Every month we have 10 million consumers checking out companies on our website and also leaving their own opinion. And it motivates me to think about how hopefully we can help them get great purchasing experiences.

Then it also really motivates me to think about this feedback loop we’re creating where we’re making it rewarding for businesses to invest in customer service because we’re making that investment transparent and we’re making those businesses gain more business by doing good. I think that’s incredibly rewarding."