​How does the TrustScore work?

There's no magic shortcut to increasing your TrustScore on Trustpilot. Businesses have to put the work in. But if they do, the positive results can snowball!

Happy customers who tell the world about their experiences are great for building a positive reputation, while unhappy customers can help companies improve. A company's TrustScore often reflects whether or not they've tapped into valuable customer feedback to listen and learn.

A great TrustScore comes from putting the work in

In our video below, Trustpilot's founder and CEO, Peter Mühlmann, explains that he's a firm believer in companies improving their TrustScores through providing outstanding customer service, collecting feedback, and learning from what their customers say about them.

Peter likens subscribing to Trustpilot's services as similar to joining a gym with great equipment: A higher TrustScore doesn't follow automatically with signing up - it only happens if you dedicate the time and effort! See what Peter has to say here:

How do companies get a high TrustScore?

"If a company wants a high TrustScore, everything starts with customer service. You have to deliver a great customer experience, you have to give good service, you have to make customers happy. If the customer is not happy, they’ll never leave a positive review.

The second thing a company can do is to invite all its customers to leave a review. We’re often seeing that satisfied customers just need a little reminder to leave that review.

And then third and finally, we see companies can learn - why did they get these negative reviews and what can they do better? And that’s how companies get a high TrustScore."

Does Trustpilot help businesses get a higher TrustScore?

"So the way Trustpilot can help businesses to get a higher TrustScore is a little bit like a gym membership or the membership of a running club can get you into better shape. There you get access to some tools that can help you collect feedback from your customers and that can help you gain knowledge from that feedback to improve your customer service.

But you have to remember, just the fact that you pay to the gym won’t do you any good - you actually have to get there and use the equipment. That’s what gets you into great shape!"

Want more info?

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