What do 'Unclaimed profile', 'Claimed profile', and 'Asks for reviews' mean?

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Want to know more about how a business is using Trustpilot? Head to their profile page to see whether it's been claimed and if they're actively asking customers to write reviews.

Did you know that it's consumers who decide which businesses are reviewed on Trustpilot? Yep — if you search for a business name or domain on Trustpilot and it isn't listed yet, you can add it. This will create a business profile page where people can start posting reviews!

Every business can claim their profile for free and engage with reviewers. We think it's important to show how each business uses our platform, like whether they've claimed their profile and are asking customers to review them.

Psst! You can find out even more about how a business has been using Trustpilot by checking out the Company activity section of their profile.

Unclaimed profile

Most of the time, “Unclaimed profile” means the business has never claimed their profile on Trustpilot and might not know it exists. We also have no records of them asking their customers to review them.

In some cases, this label means the business previously claimed their profile, but has since unclaimed it, and we have no recent records of them asking their customers for reviews.

The "Unclaimed profile” label is shown in the Company activity module:

On mobile 

Unclaimed on mobile

On desktop

Unclaimed on desktop

Claimed profile

This means the business has claimed their profile on Trustpilot and can access features like inviting customers to write reviews, replying to reviews, and being notified whenever someone writes a review.

The “Claimed profile” label is shown in the Company activity module:

On mobile

Claimed on mobile

On desktop

Claimed on desktop

Verified additional company details

After claiming their profile, businesses can choose to verify additional company details. This promotes transparency and helps consumers make more informed decisions. We show whether a business has verified additional information, for example, by providing proof of identity or domain name ownership, registering their bank account, or verifying their contact details via Google Business Profile.

Asks for reviews - positive or negative

If a business has claimed their profile, we let you know if they're regularly asking their customers for reviews — whether positive or negative. Businesses must ensure their review invitation process and language are fair, neutral and unbiased.

The “Asks for reviews—positive or negative” label is shown in the Company activity module:

On mobile

Asks for reviews mobile

On desktop

Asks for reviews desktop


How businesses get the ‘Asks for reviews - positive or negative’ label

It happens automatically when the business meets one of the following criteria:

  • They've sent at least 50 invitations in the past 365 days using our invitation methods
  • They've sent invitations using their own systems and received at least one review in the past 30 days

Asking for reviews can lead to a higher TrustScore and star rating

Overall, businesses that regularly invite their customers to write reviews tend to have a higher TrustScore than businesses that don’t. Actively collecting feedback can encourage reviews from a broader range of people, including those who had a positive experience and may not otherwise have taken the time to write a review. Businesses regularly inviting are also getting more feedback with which to improve their business.

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